Hanger Leases
The Tri-County Airport Authority rents aircraft hangers to aircraft owners, who are required to sign a lease and to maintain insurance on their aircraft. 

Enclosed box hangers and t-hangers of several sizes and with automatic electric doors are generally available thru a short waiting list maintained by the airport manager.  In February 2020 we added new box hangers, and recently completed a taxiway extension which more fully connects our enclosed hangers with the taxiway.  Click on the photo above right for an overhead view of our hangers, with hanger numbers.

Click here to view our current hanger rate card.

Shade Hangers

There are currently shade hanger spaces available conveniently located immediately adjacent to the terminal building; effective August 11, 2020 these rent for $60 per month with one month free for annual prepayment.


There are currently tenant tie-down spaces available conveniently located behind the terminal building; effective August 11, 2020 these rent for $20 per month.  Transients tie-downs are available for $10 for the first night to a maximum of $20 per month, but the first seven nights are free with the purchase of fuel.

Fuel Discounts For Tenants

We provide a generous discount to our already competitive fuel prices for all on-airport tenants.

Contact the Airport Manager for details on hanger lease, shade hanger or tie-down options.


Tri-County Airport

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